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Understanding Home Insurance in Victoria, BC

Home insurance is a type of policy in which a number of protections are combined into one unit. Your home, belonging and you are covered.

  • House: Protect home and outdoor structures such as the garage, gazebo or shed.
  • Contents: Choose coverage to protect things you care about.
  • Yourself: Personal liability protection covers you worldwide.

For example a comprehensive homeowners policy in Victoria BC would cover your home and belongings for all risks defined by your policy. A risk would be events such as fire, water damage, vandalism or theft.
There are a number of factors that are taken into consideration when an insurance company is trying to determine the cost of home insurance. For example, a house that is near a fire department will have a low premium compared to a house that is a long distance away from a fire department.
In most cases, the expense involved with replacing the home is estimated. Most homeowner’s policies offer a guaranteed replacement cost endorsement. With a replacement cost endorsement your contents are replaced without deduction for deprecation. Your insurance documents will often state what is covered and what is not. Some of the things which are not included in home insurance are floods, war, or earthquakes. If homeowners want their homes to be covered in the event these things happen, they will need to purchase separate insurance, if available.
In most cases, the policy for home insurance will be made for a set period of time. The payment which is made by the homeowner to the insurance company is named the premium. The payments for the insurance will need to be made based on the terms of the agreement. The amount of the payment is dependent on the risk of the home.
The people that are listed on the home insurance policy should be those who have a vested interest in the home that is related to insurance. There are a couple of different variations that are available for home insurance.
Many banks will make it mandatory for their customers to purchase home insurance, as this will protect the bank in the event that the home is heavily damaged.
With so many insurance companies providing insurance to consumers in Victoria BC, it can be confusing and time-consuming to compare different insurance products.
An independent insurance broker in Victoria BC is your best ally. Insurance Brokers are licensed professionals who work for you. They do the legwork to find you the best insurance coverage at the right price for you
Discovery Insurance Services Ltd is an insurance broker located in Victoria BC. We are a full service Autoplan Broker and we are open late Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and we are open Saturday and Sunday for ICBC insurance needs


For a thorough evaluation of your insurance needs, please speak with our advisor.


Discovery Insurance Brokers Victoria Discovery Insurance Brokers Victoria
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Discovery Insurance Brokers Victoria



Discovery Insurance Brokers Victoria
Discovery Insurance Brokers Victoria
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